Google Could Stop Developing Self-driving Cars

One of the things we have been longing for since we have seen it for the first time in works of science fiction is self-driving cars. Thanks to the dedicated men and women working in the Silicon Valley, self-driving cars are close to stepping out of the realm of fiction.

It is a fact that Google has been the leading tester of self-driving cars, and their partnerships with Toyota and Lexus in the past are not a secret. It seems that the search giant could be moving away from autonomous vehicles.


Even tho the Google is close to the final stages of testing its autonomous car; the latest news suggests that the Google might be pulling a break. Our sources suggest that Google has scaled back its ambitions and that they are no longer working on creating a vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals.
One of the reasons is that the Alphabet CEO Larry Page and CFO Ruth Porat see cars with no steering wheels as impractical, even tho Google’s autonomous vehicles have passed over two million miles of tests to this date.

self-driving-cars-when-we-will-have-themThis doesn’t mean that they have stopped working on cars with self-driving features – Google is working with Fiat Chrysler to build 100 autonomous Pacifica minivans. The car manufacturer is providing the vehicles, while Google is working on the software. Their aim is to put the vehicles out on the streets before the end of this year.

It is obvious that Google would like to work with auto manufacturers on more conventional cars. Their Fiat partnership could be a start of something great, but we will have to wait and see the results of testing.

Google isn’t the only company to follow the trend of working closely with existing car manufacturers. Ford has announced that BlackBerry technology would be used in its self-driving cars; General Motors purchased a software company named Cruise Automation, and Hertz managed to sign a deal with Uber. Volvo is also another car manufacturer that has worked with Volvo on autonomous vehicles. It seems that this trend will only continue to spread, and we see nothing wrong with it.

The team working on Google’s self-driving technology is very confident about the fully self-driving future, but it seems that we will have to wait a bit more until their vision of the future becomes our present.


We are looking forward to hearing more news related to this subject, and it looks like we won’t have to wait for a long time since Google has announced that they will be holding a press event in California soon where they will be talking about the work on self-driving cars.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that cars without a steering wheel and pedals are a good idea, or would you rather have them in your self-driving car?