Windows 10 Downsides Boil Down To Candy Crush Saga!

Finding a reliable software program is not really that easy and just like many other Windows before Windows 10, it too shows some inadequacies which definitely should be repaired and fixed. Read more about the most annoying thing which makes Windows 10 unbearable to use but also the reason why many users go back to Windows 7.

Annoying Ads!

One of the most annoying features about Windows 10, and the feature which has generally sent all their users running for other software options are the pop-up ads. While no one could have guessed that Windows would go overboard with it.


Since the pop-up mania began quite innocently with Candy Crush Saga, it was really too much in quite short amount of time. In other words – it escalated way too quickly!

Occasional Pop Up Vs. Annoying Constant Ads

The majority of users were ready to overlook the occasional pop-up, but gradually Windows 10 continued to introduce new ads and new pop-ups, which are really annoying.

This is just one aspect of an excellent software program which has long reputation, so is it really something we should and could overlook?

What Other Problems Are There With Windows 10?

Still, this is not the only problem with Windows 10, as many other downsides seem to emerge. Windows 10 constantly looks for updates, and many users are prone to going back to different programs and even reinstalling Window 7. If something is not changed by the Windows 10 developers, it could might as well be not Microsoft’s strongest asset, but their biggest flop in the market.

A Word To The Wise

It is really important to consult users and try to make a program such that the majority of users are satisfied. Far from it that some innovations are not welcome, but they should be such that the majority of users actually enjoy them. If this side of a project and software program is neglected, future of a company is also at risk.


Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from their past mistakes and create a new and improved software, because otherwise they risk to lose numerous current and future users. However, learning from your own mistakes is also good and hopefully all of this has just been a minor glitch in a biggest software company all of us know and love.